Genesis VI​:​XIII


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"The end of all flesh has come before Me for the earth is filled with violence because of them and behold, I am about to destroy them with the earth."
Genesis VI:XIII


released April 22, 2015



all rights reserved


CRIMENA Craiova, Romania

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Track Name: The Bitter Pill
We are lost in this life, condemned to abolish our human instincts
To bow, we're slaves to the sound of their voices controlling our very existence
No! Can it be so?! We're trapped on a path of throe and deception
And how can we let go, I want to know what's the purpose we're seeking

Forever we bow in it's silence
We choose not to know

Let them tell you to live the way of enlightenment, a sad mockery
No one can tell me what's right and all of this darkness is helping me see
A destiny ruled by a creed that spreads like disease from the tongue of the serpent
The fall of ideals of man who won't understand he lives in the present

We bow in it's silence

Days of death and no tears will I shed as the veil will be finally lifted
Chaos will spread midst these ants, engulfing their hearts, all this time has been wasted.


You chose not to know.
Track Name: The Nameless
You've reached your own december
The ground betrayed your life
This poor disfigured human
Stuck in a silent scream for life
When no one is around you
To reason with your fears
This poor disfigured human being, cold,
There's no one else to blame, embrace your grave

Reminder for the things we say
The pulpit knows the price there is to pay
A hypocritic noose on my throat
The punishment for not accepting their truth

Hanged by the throat for their lies
Or left to rot inside a wooden box
None to redeem their fallen lives
There is no hope in the light
I must surrender to the void

When you're asleep
In your nightmares you fear
To stray from all that's close and dear
You shun the day when you're alone
Beneath the ground, a nameless grave, etched in stone
Track Name: Gospel (of the Unbeliever)
The ages have taught us the blueprint
A race made of saints and of slaves
A sign worn by men born to worship
Their blood does not run in these veins
Escape from the preachers
Who teach you to beg and to serve
My mind is blooddrunk with temptation
My life is entirely my own

The gospel of the unbeliever !

Adrenaline rushes through my veins
Your gods won't be able to hold me
Free from your shackles and chains
Prepare for "redemption"

There is no turning back
There'll be no mercy